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Pool & Spa Care

At Pennosan®, we believe that mixing fewer chemicals into your swimming pool, hot tub or swim spa water is better for your water, your health, and the environment.

Pennosan’s multi-purpose natural clarifiers contain blends of natural chitosans that can replace many chemicals. Better for the environment and great for your pocket.

Pennosan’s multi-purpose Natural Clarifiers can do all this:

  • Clarify – reducing sanitiser demand, enhancing bather comfort.
  • Cleanse – preventing scum lines and staining, saving time and money.
  • Eco-Friendly – safe and endlessly refillable, reducing plastic waste.
  • And much, much more…

The Pennosan range of multi-purpose Natural Pool Clarifier and Natural Spa Clarifier helps keep your pool and hot tub water sparkling clean and safe. They remove the visible and invisible dirt, oils, scum, and impurities that consume chemical sanitisers. Thus, reducing the amount of sanitiser, including chlorine and bromine, that you need to add to maintain the levels required to keep your pool and hot tub water safe from bacteria and viruses.

Adding Pennosan Natural Pool and Natural Spa Clarifiers will also prevent chlorine smell and skin irritation.

We only sell multi-purpose, natural and wholly biodegradable chitosan clarifier formulations, because at Pennosan we feel that keeping your pool and hot tub water clean and a well-maintained, means fewer chemicals are needed.

Pennosan have a range of chitosan products for the swimming pool, hydrotherapy, swim spa and hot tub market. We are constantly creating new formulations aimed to work in harmony with all types of standard sanitiser.