Natural Pool Clarifier 5L

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5 litres provides up to 100* maintenance doses!

  • Blend of naturally anti-microbial chitosans, biodegradable and safe to use
  • Enhances performance and reduces the demand on sanitisers
  • Binds to soluble grime and cosmetics for easy removal by the filters
  • Removes dirt and dust particles
  • Soaks up grease and oily particles e.g. tanning products, to promote early removal and prevent staining
  • Gathers up and removes algae and other micro-organisms
  • Binds to and removes dissolved metals e.g. copper and iron


*Based on a 20,000L pool

£54.25 (including VAT)


Before using this product, ensure that your pool is operating at pH 7.4 or below. For best results, our Natural Pool Clarifier should be diluted ten-fold in a small bucket of clean water before spreading evenly over the surface of the pool.

Use the dose recommended in the table below to keep your pool clear. Use three times the recommended dose for particularly cloudy pools or when the pool has been out of use for an extended period.



Fortnightly treatment



50 ml



120 ml



200 ml

All our natural clarifiers are totally biodegradable and safe to use. Prepared using the natural ingredient chitosan and made using environmentally sound and sustainable methods, Pennosan’s Natural Pool Clarifier will help to keep your swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool clean and crystal clear.

Chitosan is a natural flocculating agent that will gather up any dirt present in your pool water. When used in conjunction with sand or glass filter media, our Natural Pool Clarifier will clear the pool of dirt, grime, and clarify any milkiness. Our Natural Pool Clarifier will collect any dissolved metals, oils and cosmetics present in the water, preventing staining, making them easy to remove with conventional filtration systems. As well as being an excellent clarifier, chitosan is naturally anti-microbial, reducing demand on sanitisers.

Using this product on a regular basis will keep swimming pool water clean and clear and will also enhance the performance of sanitising products by reducing total dissolved solids (TDS).

Backwashing the filter removes this product together with any trapped dirt and oils. Once used our Natural Pool Clarifier will dissolve away naturally, safely and free of chemical residues. Filter washings can be flushed to ground with no risk of harm to your garden or to the environment.


We take no responsibility where this product is not used according to guidance. Not for use in cleaning drinking water. Do not add directly to streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, and natural habitats.

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Pennosan Natural Pool Clarifier 5L
  • Pennosan Natural Pool Clarifier 5L
    Pennosan Natural Pool Clarifier 5L

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