Portmeirion the Italian Village in North Wales

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Pennosan enhances Portmeirion customer experience with natural products to clean spa and swimming pool water!

The Italian village, Portmeirion, continues to be a major tourist attraction in North Wales, with an exceptionally good hotel and self-catering accommodation experience. Portmeirion's mission is to provide a luxurious experience in a naturally beautiful environment by developing the environmental sustainability of the village facilities. Part of the luxury customer experience is exclusive access to the highest quality hot tub in a natural environment. To ensure the hot tubs will be ready from the moment customers arrive and ensure the environmental aspect continues, Portmeirion's caretaker has turned to a local and sustainable business - Pennosan.

Pennosan is an ambitious North Wales business that is hard at work creating innovative products that use natural ingredients to create valuable results by replacing chemicals in water cleaning applications. Working with environmental scientist Sue Dentley, Pennosan found a gap in the market to create natural water cleaners for swimming pools and hot tubs. Their main products are 'Pennosan Natural Pool and Spa Clarifiers', which are prepared from fibres found in crab shells using a natural process.

View of Portmeirion Italian Village

Pennosan is a company that has expanded over the past three years by establishing a supportive presence for local businesses and leisure industry businesses across the country. Portmeirion was pleased to discover that Pennosan sells a natural water cleaning solution that delivers strong and clear results. Through constant contact, Portmeirion’s caretaker gained a good understanding of the natural product benefits of Pennosan water cleaning and Pennosan experts immediately set to work coming up with a solution to provide the village's swimming pool and hot tub water cleaners. Portmeirion were delighted to see the great result after they used Pennosan. The customers certainly appreciate the clear, clean water. Collaborating with a business that seeks to protect an environmental aspect in the hot tub market allows Portmeirion to continue its mission in an environmentally sustainable manner for all of its customers. With positive comments like this Pennosan continues to develop more natural products to improve our environment in the future.

Woman on beach with crab and spa clarifier

Working with Portmeirion, Pennosan has built strong relationships with the community and local businesses. Pennosan certainly continues to develop projects and their natural products within the swimming pools and hot tubs market and other natural products to improve our environment in the future. As well as aiming their natural products towards the markets abroad in the future!

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