How Pennosan Natural Clarifiers Work

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Microscopic (invisible to the naked eye) dirt, grime, oils, algae and other micro-organisms are too small to be caught by regular filtration methods. The best way to stop these microscopic particles from being returned to the water is by making them bigger. Pennosan natural clarifiers work by gathering up the microscopic particles, forming “flocs” which have a much larger particle size that will be caught and easily removed via the filtration system.  You can see this clearly in the photo on the right. 

Test tubes side by side

The photo on the left shows a sample of water taken straight from a pool. On first sight, it appears to be clean and clear. However, it contains microscopic dirt, grime, oils and micro-organisms. Adding a small amount of Pennosan Natural Pool Clarifier makes the microscopic particles visible. By forming “flocs” which mop up the micro-organisms as they circulate in the pool, they are eventually removed via the filtration system.



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