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How Pennosan collaborated with Bell Leisure to improve their green credentials

We are delighted to be working with leading Sussex swimming pool company Bell Leisure to boost the environmental sustainability advantages of using our Pennosan® Natural Pool Clarifier and Spa Clarifier products.

Paul McMichael, Service Director of Bell Leisure Swimming Pools, approached us to help him reduce the amount of single use plastic they were using in their pool maintenance operations.

Sustainability is a driving force of our business and we were only too happy to work closely with him to develop a solution.

Our containers are made using only recyclable HDPE and their service life is expected to be up to 20 years, meaning they can be reused many, many times.

Each customer is supplied with a litre bottle of our multi-functional Natural Pool Clarifier to use in their own pool. The Bell Leisure team carry 20 litre jerry cans, supplied with a handy tap, on their vehicle.

Being a completely safe and natural formulation, they can simply refill the bottles onsite as needed, or replace with a previously cleaned and refilled bottle.

This drastically reduces the number of single use litre bottles entering the recycling system.

Woman washing out 25L containers

Paul, who has been using our environmentally friendly products to help him keep his customers’ swimming pools and hot tubs naturally clean, said:

“We carry out over a thousand pool services a month across West Sussex.

“If each customer had one bottle every year, over 10 years that equates to 4,000 bottles. Now imagine that each customer receives on average four bottles a year. That’s a lot of bottles!

“By refilling in this environmentally friendly way, we can reduce the number of bottles going into the recycling system by up to 15,600 over a 10-year period.

“We started using Pennosan’s Natural Pool Clarifier and Spa Clarifier last year as part of our treatment plan for the pools and hot tubs we service for our customers.

“We use various products to balance pool water chemistry. It is brilliant at removing dirt, algae and other micro-organisms from pool water.

“During our trials, our data showed that the products are extremely effective at naturally removing TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from pool water, including the dissolved metals that cause staining, and they also coagulate particles and make them easily filterable.

“We love how safe Pennosan Natural Pool Clarifier and Spa Clarifier are as products and the fact that they are made from crushed seashells is something that impresses customers.

“The brand has cleverly made sure their containers can be simply refilled on a service visit, reducing plastic waste, and boosting their environmental credentials further.

“The Natural Spa Clarifier has been formulated to help keep hot tub and spa water crystal clear alongside a sanitiser.

“Since the start of the pandemic there has been a boom in hot tub sales, but we have noticed a shocking lack of knowledge from the people who have bought them about how to actually look after their water quality.

“You’re meant to shower before getting into a hot tub to reduce sweat and oils that combine with chlorine sanitisers to produce chloramines that can cause skin and eye irritation, but many people jump straight in with sun cream, make-up and fake tan on which leaves a fatty scum line in the water.

“Pennosan helps tackle these problems because it helps to keep the water clean by breaking down and removing fatty and scaly deposits in it and sends it to the filter.

“So many people have bought hot tubs thinking they are easy to maintain without understanding that you need to change the water every 4-6 weeks – not just once a year! – and you need to spend time throughout the week to test and dose it accurately.

“With a hot tub, you will be introducing bacteria as soon as you get into it. If you don’t have the chemicals balanced and the sanitiser at the correct level, those bacteria will multiply.

“It’s not surprising that there’s been an increase in GPs seeing hot tub users with itchy ‘hot tub’ skin rashes caused by germs in the water.

“What we like about Pennosan is that if you use it alongside your sanitiser, you can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine you need to add to keep a pool or hot tub clean.

“Pennosan works for 100% of the pools I look after. It has a multitude of great benefits behind the scenes without influencing other products. It’s the key for good swimming pool chemistry and also improves our green credentials.

“Not only does it help to keep water safe for swimmers, it also gives a lovely ‘gin clear’ clarity to the water. The fact that it comes in recyclable containers and the product helps to reduce chlorine doses is great too.”

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