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Pennosan® supplies and provides excellent technical service support in the application of chitosan-based water and wastewater cleaning products. Pennosan Ltd was spun out of research by Pennotec aimed at developing an environmentally sustainable Circular Economy approach to the manufacture of chitin, chitosan and related products from crustacean shell (crab, lobster, scampi, shrimp). This research demonstrated how effective chitosans that we produced using sustainable processes are at removing dirt and trace pollutants from surface water (lakes, streams, rivers) and effluent water streams.

The team also demonstrated how naturally anti-microbial and wholly biodegradable chitosan formulations could be more effective in multiple water and wastewater treatment applications. This includes swimming pool and hot tub water and clean-up of agriculture effluents and industrial wastewaters. Tirelessly working together with partners to develop bespoke chitosan blends for different applications, has led to the creation of the Pennosan® range of natural pool and spa clarifiers and the Floχan® range of environmental water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment products.

The next chapter will see new products being developed to support our customers’ evolving needs for sustainable products with added value benefits.