Natural Pool Clarifier 1L

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For swimming pools and hydrotherapy pools, Pennosan’s Natural Pool Clarifier is an all-in-one natural pool clarification product which has been specially formulated to remove dirt, oils, algae and other micro-organisms from the pool water.


Prepared using the natural ingredient chitosan and made using environmentally sound and sustainable methods, Pennosan’s Natural Pool Clarifier will help to keep your swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool clean and crystal clear. As well as being an excellent clarifier, chitosan is naturally anti-bacterial, reducing the demand on sanitisers. All our natural clarifiers are totally biodegradable and safe to use. When used according to recommended guidance, the will cause no harm to humans, animals or the environment.
• Naturally antibacterial, biodegradable and safe to use
• Enhances performance and reduces the demand on sanitisers
• Binds to soluble grime and cosmetics for easy removal by the filters
• Removes dirt and dust particles
• Soaks up grease and oily particles e.g. tanning products, to promote early removal and prevent staining
• Gathers up and removes algae and other micro-organisms
• Binds to and removes dissolved metals e.g. copper and iron


5 reviews for Natural Pool Clarifier 1L

  1. N.B. Dolgellau

    I have been using Pennosan for some time now in my Canine Hydrotherapy Pool. I was having problems with cloudiness despite the chemical levels being spot on. After a site visit from Pennosan, a treatment plan was formulated and I can say that my pool has been crystal clear and has remained so. This in turn had led to less chemical being used to maintain levels and less frequent back washing of filters. Both of which are time and money saving.

  2. L.J. Port Talbot

    The colour and clarity of our canine hydrotherapy pool is much improved. Thank you

  3. J.P. Norfolk

    Great product, would highly recommend. wouldn’t be without it now. thank you

  4. M.A. Doncaster

    This is a great new product…when I tried it I was extremely pleased. It far exceeded any expectations I had and it didn’t need much of it to see a real result. You should try this, I think you’ll agree with me. This clarification product is better than the one you’re used to.

  5. G.W. Barnsley

    Used my free sample of Pennosan and must say you won’t be disappointed. This is a very good product and definitely improves water clarity etc. Will be placing an order to purchase and continue using this product. Thank you

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