Laboratory Services

labOur in-house application testing and excellent laboratory facilities mean that we can identify the best products and find the optimal solution to meet our customer’s requirements for clean water and solids separation.

Commercial customers can arrange to provide a sample of difficult-to-clarify solutions or difficult to separate bio-solids slurries for Pennosan to analyse so that we can recommend the best Pennofloc™ product for you to use, with little or no environmental impact guaranteed.

Within Pennosan there is over 20 years of Research & Development experience in water treatment applications of flocculants and coagulants, microbiology and water quality analysis.

microOur excellent laboratory and microbiology facilities include:

  • Water quality measurement including pH, phosphate concentration and bacterial counts.
  • Spectrophotometric and turbidimetric analysis of water and industrial process streams.
  • Ovens and furnaces for the measurement of sample dry weigh and ash (inorganic) content.
  • Viscometry – both rotating disc viscometry and and suspended level viscometry.

The laboratory is also equipped for environmental chemistry and industrial biotechnology developments with a fume cupboard, microbiology culture and small scale fermentation and a microbiology suite complete with laminar flow safety cabinet.

Contact Pennosan to see whether we have the capabilities to meet your laboratory service needs.