Natural Spa Clarifier 1L

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One 1L bottle will provide up to 100* maintenance doses.

  • Blend of naturally anti-microbial chitosans, biodegradable and safe to use
  • Enhances performance and reduces demand on sanitisers
  • Captures oil and grime
  • Traps dirt and cosmetics
  • Controls chemical irritants
  • Removes sweat and bacteria
  • Contains only blends of chitosans **


* based on a 1000L hot tub

** plus a small amount of white vinegar to keep fresh

£16.95 (including VAT)


Before using this product, make sure the spa or hot tub is operating at pH 7.4 or below. For best results, the Natural Spa Clarifier should be diluted in clean water before treating the spa or hot tub.

Use the dose recommended in the table below to keep your spa or hot tub clear. Use three times the recommended dose for particularly cloudy water or if tanning products such as fake tan or suntan lotion are being used.

For a typical 1000L (220 gallon) spa, add 10ml (2 teaspoons) of Natural Spa Clarifier to about half a jug full of clean water (200ml), stir and then pour evenly over the surface of the spa. For best results, run the spa for a few hours after application.





Weekly treatment

Up to 1,000

Up to 220






440 20ml

Prepared using the natural ingredient chitosan and made using environmentally sound and sustainable methods, Pennosan’s Natural Spa Clarifier will help to keep your spa or hot tub clean and crystal clear.

Chitosan is a natural flocculating agent that binds to any dirt and oily particles present in spa water, making them easy to remove in the spa filter systems, including cartridge filters. A small amount of Natural Spa Clarifier added to the spa pool before use will inhibit scum lines and prevent staining of the spa walls from cosmetics and tanning products, whilst keeping your spa pool clean and crystal clear.

Using this product on a regular basis will keep the spa water clean, reduce demand on chemical sanitisers and eliminate scum lines/tide marks.

As well as being an excellent clarifier, chitosan is naturally anti-microbial, reducing the demand on sanitisers.

Our Natural Spa Clarifier will be removed when the filter is cleaned and will break down naturally and safely, so there are no disposal issues and no impact on the environment.


All our natural clarifiers are totally biodegradable and safe to use. When used according to recommended guidance, they will cause no harm to humans, animals or the environment.

We take no responsibility where this product is not used according to guidance. Not for use in cleaning drinking water. Do not add directly to streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, and natural habitats.

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Pennosan Natural Spa Clarifier 1L
  • Pennosan Natural Spa Clarifier 1L
    Pennosan Natural Spa Clarifier 1L

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