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Lake & Canal Cleaning

Floχan® formulations have been specifically developed to separate sediments and particulates from lakes and canals, producing a dense sludge that is readily filtered, e.g., using geotextile bags.

Floχan products work by coagulating soluble organics, chelating metals and flocculating suspended particulates into larger clumps (flocs) which can be rapidly settled out of solution under gravity or quickly separated in a geotextile bag.

Chitosans in the Floχan range attach strongly to particulates, soluble organics and soluble metal ions such as iron and zinc, making it much easier to recover them from solution. In open water chitosan flocs can be allowed to settle naturally to produce clear and clean water. Unlike synthetic flocculants, the chitosan flocs will decompose naturally. In canal dredging the flocs can be recovered and dewatered using an appropriate filtration system.


Dredging: crane with backhoe takes a scoop of sediment from a canal
Geotextile bag used for dewatering of sludges with Floχan® chitosan products
Remove  Chitosan clarified water emerging from dewatering sludge in geotextile bag

Since chitosan is a natural and biodegradable material, Floχan products can be applied to open and running water bodies with no contamination in the clarified water or the separated sludge. Unlike non-biodegradable synthetic or inorganic solid/liquid separation aids, Floχan-separated sludges are not chemically contaminated and can be readily re-purposed, e.g., as fertilisers.

Contact Pennosan Industrial & Environmental for more information on how the Floχan® range can make your lake and canal cleaning application safer, simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Ponds & Water Features

In Spring and Summer, open ponds provide perfect growing conditions for unsightly algae. In the case of blue-green algae, this can be dangerous to pets and children. Conventional pond treatments for algae kill the algae, causing them to settle to the bottom, releasing nutrients that accumulate in the water that will cause the next occurrence of algal growth.

Floχan® prevents this cycle by flocculating the algae so that they rise to the surface either to be skimmed off – together with the nutrients they contain – or captured and removed in the biofilter.

Unlike synthetic flocculants, chitosan in the Floχan range is wholly biodegradable and therefore will not accumulate in the pond water and harm fish.

Contact Pennosan Industrial & Environmental for more information on how the Floχan® range can make your pond application safer, simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Algae covered koi carp pond before treatment with Floχan®


Crystal clear koi carp pond After treatment with Floχan®



The Pennosan Floχan® range of products work effectively to separate particulates, bio-solids, oils and protein from aquaculture process water and wastewater flows.

Our natural Floχan formulations produce clear and clean water that is free of protein and suspended bio-solids and work to enhance the performance of the filter systems. Floχan formulations are natural and completely biodegradable, which means when maintained at the recommended dose levels, they will not compromise a healthy breeding, growing and life-supporting aquatic ecosystem environment.

Rainbow trout fingerlings in the hatchery incubator

Food and Beverage Industry

Unlike chemical, heavy metal coagulants, Floχan formulations are entirely natural and add little to the volume of sludges. This means sludge disposal costs can be substantially reduced by transferring food process effluent treatment to Floχan.

Water is an increasingly precious resource. Let Floχan natural clarifier formulations keep your processes clean and safe.

Contact Pennosan Industrial & Environmental for more information on how the Floχan® range can make your food and beverage application safer, simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Cleaned potatoes on a conveyor belt, prepared for packing

Construction Water

Whether the aim is to prevent release of high COD construction run-off or storm water, or to increase the speed and efficiency of solid/liquid separation from construction operations, Floχan® products are both cost-effective and environmentally safe to use.

The Floχan range is particularly effective at swiftly removing silt when used in combination with rapid settlement systems.

Floχan chitosan solid/liquid separation aids are wholly biodegradable and safe to handle. These natural products are suitable for use in the natural environment, including marine dredging operations.

Contact Pennosan Industrial & Environmental for more information on how the Floχan® range can make your construction water application safer, simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Heavy excavator drilling preparation ground construction work - water treatment

Agricultural Waste

Agricultural wastewater, including vegetable washing water and farm slurries, are rich in nutrients and an underutilised resource for farming.

Unlike heavy metal and non-biodegradable synthetic flocculants, the natural and wholly biodegradable Floχan® range of chitosan solid/liquid separation formulations will enhance the nutritional value of the separated solids and will leave clarified, low COD water with no trace of chemical residues.

Contact Pennosan for more information on how the Floχan can help convert nutrient-rich wastewater into new value streams.

Water polluted by a pig industry - can be cleaned and treated by Pennosan

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Pennosan® is at the forefront in addressing the environmental challenge faced by municipal water companies in achieving clarification in wastewater treatment whilst reducing chemical use and eventually in moving towards chemical-free operations.

By incorporating the Floχan® range of natural and wholly biodegradable polysaccharide-based chitosan for flocculation in water treatment and for aiding coagulation in water treatment for conventional municipal wastewater treatment processes, it has been shown to be possible to halve and, in some cases eliminate, synthetic polymer and heavy metal coagulant use.

Contact Pennosan Industrial & Environmental for more information on how the Floχan® range can make your municipal wastewater treatment application safer, simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Modern wastewater treatment plant. Round tanks for sedimentation - contact Pennosan for more information