Chitosan is a natural product. A reproducible quality of chitosan supply is therefore fundamental to ensuring the Floχan range is manufactured with a consistent specification and a reliable performance. Chitosan can be produced with a range of molecular weights and degrees of deacetylation. Different grades and formulations of chitosan are often required for different applications.

Our chitosan is manufactured from sustainably-sourced crustacean chitin under controlled and repeatable conditions that yields a product which consistently falls within controlled specifications and has excellent performance properties.

Pennosan uses home-produced chitosan for the manufacture of its Floχan range of products and also works with chitosan suppliers that operate complementary quality management systems and use validated test methods.

The test methods such as viscometry and deacetylation degree determination, which are carried out in our laboratories and during chitosan production are used to assure the quality of the final product is consistent over the long term.

Contact us for technical data and quality specifications of our versatile formulated Floχan range of water treatment products. wp_20161024_014cropped