Chitosan is a natural product. A reproducible quality of chitosan supply is therefore fundamental to ensuring the Floχan range is manufactured with a consistent specification and a reliable performance. Chitosan can be produced with a range of molecular weights and degrees of deacetylation. Different grades and formulations of chitosan are […]


Pennosan has developed a range of quality Floχan natural flocculant and coagulant formulations for a broad range of water and waste water applications, that are safe and easy to use. The Floχan range comprises chitosan prepared at different dose concentrations and formulated in dilute natural acids such as acetic and lactic acid for ease of application. […]

Floχan Products

For swimming pools and spas Pennosan offers its Natural Pool Clarifier and Natural Spa Clarifier. These are all-in-one natural water clarification products, which have been formulated especially for the removal of dirt, oils, algae and other microorganisms from  pool and spa water. When used in conjunction with conventional backflush filter […]

Pools and Spas

The Pennosan Floχan range of products work effectively to separate particulates and protein sludge from process water in various aquaculture setups and systems. Our natural Floχan formulations produce clear and clean water that is free of protein and suspended bio-solids. Pennofloc™ formulations are non-toxic and completely biodegradable, which means they […]


The versatility of our Pennofloc™ formulations makes them ideal for use in Industrial Wastewater applications. Whether concentrating bio-sludges and recycling water in the biofuels industry, recovering oils and fats from chemical and industrial process streams, separating bio-solids from fermentation liquors in the pharmaceutical or cleaning outflows in the microelectronics industry, the natural chelating, adsorbing and flocculating properties […]

Industrial Wastewater

Within Pennosan there is over 20 years of experience in the Research & Development and the Marketing of water and wastewater clarification and solid/liquid separation aids. Chitosan, the main active ingredient in Pennosan’s Floχan range of water clarification and solid/liquid separation aids, is derived from the natural product chitin, which is extracted […]

Water Treatment

Pennosan is constantly advancing the uses of its Floχan range of quality water clarification and bio-solids separation product formulations into new industries and applications, particularly those that benefit from using non-toxic, clean, fully biodegradable products for water clarification and waste water treatment. Our safe, natural and effective products are competitively priced for their excellent performance, and are very […]


Pennosan is a UK-based supplier of chitin and chitosan products and formulations for a variety of industries. We can handle chitin and chitosan orders from the supply of small samples to delivery of multi-tonne quantities. Our thorough in-house quality management systems ensure our customers always receive good quality products with consistent performance. […]

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