Natural Pool & Spa Clarifiers

Pennosan Natural Pool Clarifier and Natural Spa Clarifier supports effective use of the disinfectants that inactivate viruses and bacteria – including chlorine and bromine – by removing interfering dirt and oils.

For swimming pools and spas Pennosan offers its Natural Pool Clarifier and Natural Spa Clarifier. Pennosan Natural Pool and Spa Clarifier formulations are superior to chemical treatments because they contain chitosan, which is naturally attracted to dirt and oils, as well as algae and other microorganisms. When used in conjunction with conventional backflush filter systems i.e. those employing sand, glass and other inert filter media, or with cartridge filter systems, Natural Pool Clarifier or Natural Spa Clarifier will clarify your pool and spa water naturally without the need for vacuuming or sweeping the bottom of the pool.

As the name suggests, Pennosan Natural Pool and Spa Clarifier formulations are natural and safe to use. Chitosan is completely biodegradable, which means it doesn’t accumulate in your pool or spa water. Once it does its job, you can be confident it will disappear.

Pennosan are developing new natural products for the pool and spa market. Contact us for news of the exciting products to come.

Hydrotherapy Pools

Keeping hydrotherapy pools clean and safe can be challenging. Our Natural Clarifiers are high quality, versatile formulations designed to meet these challenges whilst being friendly to the environment. Hydrotherapy Pool Clarifier keeps your hydrotherapy pool clean and crystal clear. Prepared using the natural ingredient, chitosan, its clarifying and naturally antibacterial properties enhance the performance and reduce the demand on sanitisers. Hydrotherapy Pool Clarifier has been specifically formulated to keep hydrotherapy pools clean and safe – naturally enhancing human and animal wellbeing. Natural Pool Clarifiers biodegrade naturally, so filter washings can be flushed to ground with no risk of harm to the environment. Also reduces the frequency of cleaning and water changes – saving both water and energy.