Lake and Canal Cleaning

lake-cruise-646x433Floχan formulations have been developed to specifically to separate sediments and particulates from lakes and canals, producing a dense sludge that is readily filtered.

Floχan works by flocculating the suspended particulates into larger clumps (flocs) which can be rapidly settled out of solution under gravity or quickly separated in a geotextile bag. Floχan attaches strongly to minerals, biomass and metal ions such as iron and magnesium, making it much easier to recover them from solution. In lakes the flocs can be allowed to settle naturally to produce clear and clean water. In canal dredging the flocs can be recovered from the water body by an appropriate filtration system.

Since chitosan is a natural and biodegradable material, Floχan products can be applied to open and running water bodies with no contamination in the clarified water or the separated sludge unlike with non-biodegradable synthetic or inorganic chemicals.