Industrial Wastewater

The versatility of our Floχan® formulations makes them ideal for use in Industrial Wastewater applications. Whether concentrating bio-sludges and recycling water in the biofuels industry, recovering oils and fats from chemical and industrial process streams, separating bio-solids from fermentation liquors in the pharmaceutical or cleaning outflows in the microelectronics industry, the natural chelating, adsorbing and flocculating properties of our wholly natural formulations give unmatched performance benefits.

Floχan formulations are natural, safe and wholly biodegradable formulations that leave your process waters chemical free, clean and compliant with environmental requirements. Floχan formulations for the treatment of high strength waste waters generates clarified water that is compatible with most water purification plant operations.

Floχan formulations are designed to be safe to handle, easy to use and good for the environment. Contact Pennosan to learn how Floχan formulations can deliver cost and energy saving benefits to your industrial processes.