Food & Beverage Industry

Floχan formulations are the safe and simple water clarification aid for the food and beverage industry. Where there is a need to reduce water usage and comply with environmental regulations in the handling of effluent outflows and a concern for the environmental fate of recovered biosolids, Floχan formulations provide a natural and wholly biodegradable alternative to the use of chemicals.

The versatility of our natural Floχan formulations makes them ideal for use in the recycling of salad or vegetable wash waters, the separation of fat-containing effluents and the separation of organic sludges for environmentally compliant disposal. Using Floχan formulations ensures that recycled water is free of chemical contaminants and recovered biological sludges can be made safe and completely biodegradable.

Water is an increasingly precious resource. Let Floχan natural water clarification formulations keep your processes clean and safe.