Water Treatment

dropletWithin Pennosan there is over 20 years of experience in the Research & Development and the Marketing of water and wastewater clarification and solid/liquid separation aids. Chitosan, the main active ingredient in Pennosan’s Pennofloc™ range of water clarification and solid/liquid separation aids, is derived from the natural product chitin, which is extracted from crustacean shells (typically crabs, shrimp, scampi and lobster). As such it is wholly biodegradable, safe to handle and easy to use.

Chitosan can be prepared with a range of molecular weights and levels of deacetylation, which means one of the many different Pennofloc™ products available from Pennosan is bound to be suitable for your application. Some Pennofloc™ formulations can outperform many inorganic and synthetic polymer coagulating agents in removing partially soluble pollutants from solution. Other Pennofloc™ formulations are as effective as conventional polyacrylamide flocculants at flocculating colloidal material and separating water from concentrated bio-solids sludges.

The big advantage of using Pennofloc™ chitosan formulations for water treatment applications, particularly in those applications which capable of having an impact on the natural environment, is that Pennofloc™ products are 100% biodegradable, natural and safe.