Pennosan is constantly advancing the uses of its Floχan range of quality water clarification and bio-solids separation product formulations into new industries and applications, particularly those that benefit from using non-toxic, clean, fully biodegradable products for water clarification and waste water treatment. Our safe, natural and effective products are competitively priced for their excellent performance, and are very easy to use.

Some examples of the applications where Floχan products provide superb performance include:

  • Recovery of clean water from bio-solids separated from aquaculture systems (e.g. drum filter separated bio-solids).
  • Improved drum filter throughput in recirculating aquaculture systems.
  • Lake and river cleaning, particularly where the environmental fate of separated solids is of concern.
  • Clear and clean water for the better enjoyment of swimming pools and spas.
  • Cleaning of construction water and storm water run-off to prevent pollution of rivers and streams.
  • Clarification and the separation of bio-solids from industrial, including food and beverage processing waste waters.
  • Improved bio-solids hold-up in anaerobic digester systems for increased throughput and biogas production.

In addition, through our Research & Development arm Pennotec we are developing new, environmentally friendly chitin and chitosan-derived products for horticultural applications from crustacean and shellfish by-products, helping to play our part in the development of the Circular Economy.

Please contact us to find out how Pennosan can help you clean your water and/or improve the environmental footprint of your commercial process.